Staining On Glasses

Staining On Glasses

14 January 2021

Our last topic, the stains on the windows have become indispensable for our bathrooms today. As it keeps the space dry and clean, the stains on the windows after showering do not contain a pleasant appearance. There are several alternative practices to prevent this. Although it looks smooth when you touch the glass with your hand, its surface has invisible indentations and protrusions. This structure over time, lime, shampoo, soap, etc. It causes the formation of stains, in order to prevent these from occurring, products with water sliding and easy cleaning properties are applied to the glass surface, making the surface smooth and facilitating cleaning. When the glasses treated with this application are wiped with a damp cloth, the stains on them are easily removed.

Any chemical cleaning material used during this wiping damages the application and loses its properties. When properly cleaned, it maintains this feature for 2 to 3 years. In fact, after taking a shower, if we rinse the soap and shampoo foams on our windows with a hand shower and dry them with the help of the apparatus we call pull-out, our windows always remain clean.

Let's come to the cleaning of our dirty or calcified glasses, as well as the cleaning materials produced for this purpose, the white vinegar you will buy from the market will help to remove this trouble.